Join the Blue Crew on Meetup


To register for our adult training, please follow the easy step-by-step videos below.

Your first 30 days are FREE. After that you’ll be charged $15/mo. ($25/mo. for up to family of four) you receive the Trifecta of Training : your fitness benefits 1) you, 2) our children thru financing our after-school running program and 3) your community by giving back to Greater Sacramento.

So while you train, we all gain. Now that’s what we call Movin’ Into Life!  We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetups soon.

Here’s what you get:



How To Join:

  1.   Sign up for free on Meetup. Watch video below and then go here to sign up. Already a member of Meetup? Skip to Step 2 below.

2.     Join R4R Blue Crew. Watch video below and then go to here to join Blue Crew

3.    Once you’ve signed up for Meetup and joined Blue Crew, come back and watch these videos to learn how to find Crews and Events as well as adjust your profiles and notifications.