Meet the crew pace leaders

Crew Pace Groups

We are excited to bring pace leaders back to our 2018 training. If you have not been running recently, we recommend that you join one of our pace groups that are doing a run/walk interval.

Experience has taught us that doing intervals helps you increase your distance and endurance quickly with fewer injuries.  Muscles adapt quickly, but tendons and ligaments take longer, and we want you to start the race, and finish it, injury-free! Feel free to try one of the groups on a Saturday, and switch any week to a different one. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks to find your ideal pace.  As of right now, we have secured the following interval pace groups:

Sacramento: (Panera Bread/Northrop & Howe)

9:00-10:00 min/mile – All run – Beth Seevers
3 min run/1 min walk – Gail Tateyama
1 min run/1 min walk – Holly Anthony
2 min walk/1 min run – Cindy Granados/Lyla Tyler

Elk Grove: (Corner Bakery/Laguna & Big Horn)

9:00 min/mile – All Run – Justin Kloss/Jeremy Harden
9:30-10:00 min/mile – All Run – Ray Henson
4 min run/1 min walk – Tami Dokter/Debi Seifert
3 min run/1 min walk – Gwen Hunter
2 min run/2 min walk – Rob O’Shea
1 min run/1 min walk – Alyssa Marie
Walk (relay distance only) – Tina Lee-Vogt/Amy Labowitch


All Run – Eric Perryman/Karin Springer
4 min run/1 min walk – Carrie Spencer
3 min run/1 min walk – Helen McAuliffe/Cindy Wilkinson
2 min run/1 min walk – Chris Bennett/Shellie Fujimoto
90 seconds run/30 second walk – Julie Dupray
Walk (relay distance only) – Bill Howe