Rhett Rep’s Training Week 3




April 2-6, 2018



  1. Watch Eating for Energy and Healthy Snacks, concentrating on the Eating for Energy lesson you will present this week. If you would like to learn more about the topic, visit the USDA’s MyPlate website at ChooseMyPlate.gov.
  2. Contact your coach to discuss the activities you will be presenting/providing assistance with, and where to meet the coach.
  3. If you are going to run in the RBYC 5K with students, register here. [link pending] When you register use FREE COUPON CODE _____________ [code pending]


  1. Wear your Runnin’ for Rhett t-shirt!
  2. Rhett Connection (Included below)
  3. For Eating for Energy Nutrition Lesson: (Optional: Plastic toy car, Food cards (see list of carbohydrates in lesson below.)
  4. Incentive Awards
  5. Your enthusiasm!


  1. Share the RHETT CONNECTION for the week:

Rhett’s favorite stuffed animal was his Tigger. Rhett took Tigger everywhere with him.  When you squeezed Tigger’s tummy, it would play his favorite song.    When the song ended, Rhett was always laughing with a big smile on his face.  Sometimes his mom and dad would sing the song to him and he would laugh and giggle just as much.  If they tried to sing a different song, he would bow his head and frown until they started singing the Tigger song again.

  1. EATING FOR ENERGY LESSON: (Usually takes 3-5 minutes to present. This information is also presented in the video.) Make sure you check with your coach to see where and when you will present the lesson. Lesson can be presented to the entire group or during stations to smaller groups.
    • Remind children of hydration lesson and to think of themselves as cars ((Optional to hold up toy car) Ask: Do you remember what cars need to run? (Allow for responses- should include gas)
    • Explain that just like a car, your body needs gas (or fuel) to keep going. Explain today they will be learning about carbohydrates because carbs provide energy for your body.
    • Introduce the two types of carbs- Complex and Simple. Explain complex are things like bread, cereals, pasta, rice and starchy vegetables. (Optional: Hold up individual pictures of these carbs) Explain they take longer to digest and are a source of longer lasting energy. Simple carbs are things like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, candies, cakes, and fruits and dairy products.( Optional: Hold up pictures of these carbs.) They give quick bursts of energy.
    • Explain it is not good to eat too many carbs because if you do, and don’t exercise, they turn into sugars in the body that will cause you to gain weight.
    • Explain it is important to fuel before you exercise. Ask: From what you just learned about carbohydrates, which “fuels” would you put into your body before exercising?
    • Children can give either verbal answer or, if you have food cards, have them use food cards and sort ones that would be good choices for long lasting or short bursts of energy.)
  2. Complete other activities as agreed upon with coach for the session.
  3. Hand out weekly Incentive Awards. Decide with coach ahead of time the reason for giving award to child: listening, working hard, etc.
  4. Let your coach know which day(s) you will be there next week.


  1. Check your email on Monday for the weekly update from the R4R Rhett Rep coordinator.
  2. Have a great week and thanks for all you do to help our youth Move Into Life!