Support Runnin’ for Rhett

Here at Runnin’ for Rhett, we know that giving back is important to our supporters. We want to let you know what you can do this season, and year-round, that will benefit our growing non-profit and continue to fund our Youth Fitness Program.


A large portion of Runnin’ for Rhett’s budget is made up of generous donations by our supporters.

  • Donate at any time by clicking here or by mailing a check to Runnin’ for Rhett.
  • Donate to us on May 7, 2020, during the Big Day of Giving, a Sacramento-wide 24 hour fundraising drive. Help R4R raise money and compete to win several of the prizes and incentives throughout the day!
  • Through United Way / Our Promise and your employer, give a portion of your paycheck to R4R. Write in code 26986 or look up Runnin’ for Rhett in the search field. Even $1 a day can make a difference!
  • Through the Combined Federal Campaign.  Federal Employees and Federal Retirees can give a portion of your paycheck or pledge volunteer hours to R4R.  Write in code 72126 or look up Runnin’ for Rhett in the search field.  A donation of $25 per month would fund 12 additional students through our Youth Fitness Program.
  • Vitalant: When donating blood…use our Vitalant Donor Club Number – # 07. From now through December 31, 2020, every time you donate automated components (i.e., platelets, plasma, and double red blood cells) with Vitalant, they will match it with a donation to Runnin’ for Rhett.  Our goal this year is 500 donations, resulting in a $2,000 check.
  • Giving Tuesday is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  It’s a great day to give after recognizing everything we have to be thankful for!
  • Facebook Fundraisers: You can start your own fundraiser in just TWO minutes and help us put more children through the Youth Fitness Program!
  • Legacy Gifts:  Check out our Other Ways To Give page to find out about Legacy Giving, Endowments, and more!


Runnin’ for Rhett benefits from the generosity of large retailers every time you shop!

  • Amazon Smile: Choose Runnin’ for Rhett as your charitable organization and then shop and checkout like normal. No extra cost is passed on to you, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase back to Runnin’ for Rhett.
  • Nugget Market: Use your Scrip card when purchasing groceries, and a percentage will go back to R4R.  Contact Randy Seevers to get a card.
  • JuicePlus and TowerGarden donate a percentage of purchases made through their R4R specific links.  Contact Kim Trylovich for details.

Used Goods:

Electronics and shoes don’t last forever, so dispose of them in a way that is easy for you and benefits R4R.

  • eWaste 4 good will come to your home or office to pick up your items and will donate money back to Runnin’ for Rhett based on the number of pounds collected.
  • Sneakers4Funds: We are continually collecting pairs of used shoes to send to Sneakers4Funds. They send a check back to us after each shipment. Contact Randy Seevers to donate.


Join us or volunteer at our four fundraisers throughout the year – all proceeds go to R4R.

Brew Street October 17, 2020
Run Because You Can March 29, 2020
Rollin’ for Rhett December 16, 2019
Capitol Beer Fest March 7, 2020

Or attend one of our other affiliated events where a portion of the proceeds goes to R4R.

Train with our Blue Crews:

Join a Blue Crew, a fully customized adult fitness program designed to meet your training needs doing whatever, wherever and whenever you want.

Support our Sponsors:

Please consider frequenting the businesses that donate money to us time and again. Click any logo below to be taken to their website.