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Have you been itchin’ to take your Runnin’ for Rhett to the next level? Need for speed? Aspirations for a podium finish? Well you’ve got your chance now!


Anyone is eligible to apply if you’ve met either the A or B standards shown below in the past 12 months in one or more races or can achieve the standard in an upcoming race between now and December 4th:

A Standard – Men and Women
A standard

B Standard – Women
B standard women

B Standard – Men
B standard men

Training Schedule and Location:
Training begins July 6th

Wednesday nights 6pm – Interval, threshold and other quality workouts. Designed to prepare athletes for races from the 5K to ultra distances. Fair Oaks Brew Pub (7988 California Ave, Fair Oaks, CA 95628).

Saturday mornings – Meet-up for long run – Either run with regular RFR Saturday groups or options are arranged by email.

Training Program Benefits:

  • Customized written training schedules and professional coaching
  • Team uniform (technical shirts (tee or singlet), shorts, cap, cinch bag)
  • Other swag (gloves, hats, shoe discounts, etc.) redeemed with points earned for overall and top 3 age group finishes
  • Weekly Wednesday night workouts – Fair Oaks
  • Coordinated weekly long runs or run with R4R Saturday groups
  • End of year team celebration

2016 Qualifying Races



Fee Distance

R4R Point Value

7/30/2016 Fab 40s – City of Sacramento 5K Championship $30 5K 1.0
8/27/2016 Race for the Arts $30 5K 1.0
8/28/2016 Buffalo Stampede $40 10 Mile 3.0
9/11/2016 Run to Remember $35 5K 1.5
9/18/2016 Let’s ROC $37 5K 1.5
10/2/2016 Urban Cow Half Marathon $65 Half Marathon 3.0
10/2/2016 Urban Cow 5K $40 5K 1.0
10/23/2016 Folsom Blues Breakout 5K $35 5K 1.0
10/23/2016 Folsom Blues Breakout Half Marathon $65 Half Marathon 3.0
11/6/2016 Run Because You Can $25 5K 2.0
11/24/2016 Run to Feed the Hungry 5K $35 5K 1.0
11/24/2016 Run to Feed the Hungry 10K $45 10K 2.0
12/4/2016 California International Marathon $139 Marathon 4.0

Membership Fees

  • A Standard qualifier – no fee [Please email Bob at BobC@runninforrhett.org to obtain 100% off coupon to be used at registration]
  • B Standard qualifier – $75 for 2nd half of 2016


Code of Conduct

Professional and appropriate representation of Racin’ for Rhett. Here’s what that means:

  1. At races, wear only RFR team tops and shorts.
  2. Be respectful to all teammates and opponents. Acknowledge the accomplishments and efforts of others including all RFR members and youth.
  3. Lead by example. Encourage every athlete, teammate and opponent.
  4. Whenever possible, be charitable and give back to the running community by volunteering or other activities.

Questions? Want more info? Please send us an email at BobC@runninforrhett.org and we’ll be happy to assist.