Rhett Rep’s Training Week 2




Oct. 23-29, 2017


  1. Watch R4R training video for Training Week 2- Hydration Lesson [Labeled as “Nutrition”]
  2. Contact your coach to discuss the activities you will be presenting/providing assistance with, and where to meet.

MATERIALS NEEDED:[NOTE: Some documents auto-download as a Word doc]

  1. Wear your Runnin’ for Rhett t-shirt!
  2. Rhett Connection (included below)
  3. For Hydration Lesson bring 20oz. water bottle(s), small plastic toy car (optional)
  4. Incentive Awards
  5. Your enthusiasm!


  1. Share the RHETT CONNECTION:
  • Rhett went on many vacations with his family.  He went to Texas, Lake Tahoe, Nebraska, Hawaii and camping in the family trailer.   Rhett loved swimming in the warm water and sitting under the umbrella with his toes in the sand. He would take long naps out on the hammock with his dad. 
  1. HYDRATION LESSON: (Usually takes 3-5 minutes to present). Make sure to check with your coach to see where and when you will present the lesson. Lesson can be presented to the entire group or during stations to smaller groups.
    1. Presenting the information:
      • Ask: what does a car need to run (optional to hold up toy car)? Typical responses are: tires, an engine, battery, gas, oil, water. Validate their ideas and tell them the human body is similar to cars, where we need fuel (food) and water to function well.
      • Explain water is important for us whether or not we exercise. Ask: how much water do you think you need (wait for responses)?
      • Explain that one way to know the amount of water you should drink in a day is based on your weight (use 160 lbs as an example).   Explain if a person weighs 160 lbs., divide the weight in half/or by 2. Ask: does anyone know what 160 divided by 2 is? Allow participants to answer. Answer is 80.
      • Explain when liquids are measured, they are measured in OUNCES. Example: if someone weighs 160 lbs, they should drink 80 ounces of water per day.
      • Explain many people don’t know what 80 ounces of liquid looks like. (Show them a 20oz water bottle and say to drink 80 ounces in a day, a person would have to drink 4 bottles.
      • Explain since each person weighs different amounts, each will have different water needs. Ask: Does anyone weigh around 80lbs (usually there is someone)? Using the same formula (weight/2), have children calculate what that person should drink (two 20 oz. bottle).
      • Tell children they can use the same formula at home and calculate daily water needs for each person in their family. A fun math problem!!!
  1. Complete other activities as agreed upon with coach for the session.
  2. Hand out weekly incentive awards. Decide with coach ahead of time reason for giving award to child. (listening, working hard, etc.)
  3. Let your coach know which day(s) you will be there next week.


  1. Check email on Monday for weekly updates from the R4R Rhett Rep coordinator.