Rhett Rep’s Training Week 4




Nov. 6-12, 2017


  1. Watch Eating for Energy and Healthy Snacks, concentrating on the Healthy Snacks section. This week you will be presenting the Healthy Snacks lesson.
  2. If you would like to learn more about Healthy Snacks, visit the USDA’s MyPlate website at ChooseMyPlate.gov.
  3. Contact your coach to discuss the activities you will be presenting/providing assistance, and where to meet the coach.

MATERIALS NEEDED:[NOTE: Some documents auto-download as a Word doc]

  1. Wear your Runnin’ for Rhett t-shirt!
  2. Rhett Connection (Included below)
  3. For Eating for Energy Nutrition Lesson- (Optional: Plastic toy car, poster board and sharpie pen)
  4. Incentive Awards
  5. Your enthusiasm!


  1. Share the RHETT CONNECTION for the week: Rhett’s mom brought Rhett out every Friday night to watch his dad play softball.  During the game, Rhett would talk and laugh, entertaining the players.  Between innings, players from both teams would come over to visit this smiling boy.  Since the players were friends with the Seevers’, many of them loved to play with him and hug him.
  2. HEALTHY SNACKS LESSON: (Usually takes 3-5 minutes to present. This information is also presented in the video.) Make sure you check with your coach to see where and when you will present the lesson that day. Lessons may be presented to the entire group or during stations to smaller groups.
    • Remind the children of the car and the fuel it needs. Ask: What have you learned so far about fueling your bodies? (Responses should include water and food)
    • Ask : Do you like to eat snacks? Explain eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks keeps your body working right and your energy level high.
    • Ask children to help make a list of healthy snacks. (Option- can write on poster board or just do verbally) As children are listing snacks, comment as to if it is a good/not healthy snack. Healthy snacks:
      • Fun fruit: apples, oranges, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, melons and bananas
      • Colorful veggies: carrots and broccoli, with low-fat dip
      • Popcorn (light or fat free)
      • Nuts and seeds (peanuts, almonds, soy nuts, or sunflower seeds)
      • Low-fat or baked tortilla chips and salsa
      • Whole grain cereal with or without milk
      • Low-fat yogurt or fruit smoothies
      • Nonfat or low-fat milk or milk products
    • End with: Remember you are putting “gas” in your car!- Keep your engine running with healthy snacks, a variety of foods and complex carbs. Then you can Move into Life.
  3. Complete other activities as agreed upon with coach for the session.
  4. Hand out weekly Incentive Awards. Decide with coach ahead of time reason for giving award to child: listening, working hard, etc.
  5. Let your coach know which day(s) you will be there next week.


  1. Check your email on Monday for the weekly update from the R4R Rhett Rep coordinator.
  2. Have a great week and thanks for all you do to help our youth Move Into Life!